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How It Works

Death benefit

Most people buy life insurance for the financial security of the death benefit, and it’s easy to see why. A death benefit puts money in your family’s hands quickly when they need it most. It’s money they may use any way they want to help cover short- and long-term expenses, such as funeral costs, rent or mortgage, debt, tuition, and more.

Accelerated Death Benefit for Long-Term Care Services

This benefit makes it easy to accelerate the death benefit to help pay for home healthcare, assisted living, nursing care and/or adult day care services when you are chronically ill, should you or your covered spouse ever need them.

The Universal LifeEvents® Advantage

Universal LifeEvents is unique. It’s designed to match your needs throughout your lifetime, so you have the benefits you need, when you need them most. See for yourself:

Working years

Universal LifeEvents pays a higher death benefit during working years when expenses are high and your family needs maximum protection. Then at age 70, when expenses typically reduce, Universal LifeEvents reduces the death benefit amount to better fit your needs; however, your benefits for long-term care services never reduce1.

Throughout retirement

Universal LifeEvents pays a consistent level of benefits for long-term care during retirement, which is when you may be most susceptible to becoming chronically ill and may need long-term care services.

1Death benefit reduces to one-third at the latter of age 70 or the 15th policy anniversary. Issue age is 18-64.

Features you’ll appreciate

  • Lifelong protection
  • Options available for family coverage
  • Accelerated Death Benefit Insurance Rider for Terminal Illness
  • Guaranteed renewable — Guaranteed coverage, as long as your premiums are paid. Your premium may change if the premium for all certificates in your class changes.
  • EZ Value — Automatically raises your benefits to keep pace with your increasing needs, without additional underwriting.

How Living Benefits Add Up

Accelerated Death Benefit for Long-Term Care Services2- Pays a monthly benefit equal to 4% of your death benefit for up to 25 months. The Accelerated Death Benefit for Long-Term Care Services accelerates the death benefit and proportionately reduces it. $100,000
Benefit Restoration Insurance Rider - Restores the death benefit2 that is reduced by the Accelerated Death Benefit for Long-Term Care Services, so your family receives the full death benefit amount when they need it most. $100,000
Total Maximum Benefit - Living Benefits may double the value of your life insurance. $200,000
2The Accelerated Death Benefit begins to pay after 90 days of confinement or services, and to qualify you must meet conditions of eligibility for benefits. Pre-existing condition limitation may apply. Your policy will contain complete details.


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