Retiree Open Enrollment Info

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Important Dates to Remember

It’s almost time for Open Enrollment. This is your annual opportunity to review your current benefits, initiate changes, and enroll in voluntary benefits.

Your open enrollment dates are: Oct. 15, 2021 through Nov. 5, 2021

Your period of coverage dates are: Jan. 1, 2022 through Dec. 31, 2022

What’s New This Year

  • Rate Increase – Standard Life Insurance
  • NEW! Vision Plan Option “Premiere” – provides coverage for new frames one every year and includes a one time $500 allowance towards the cost of corrective laser eye surgery.
  • Rate Increase – DeltaDental DHMO

Key 2022 Enrollment Information

Your Benefits Administrator has CHANGED

FBMC will continue to administer all benefits for Under and Over 65 Retirees apart from Medicare. 

Under a new agreement with Duval County Public Schools, FBMC Benefit Management, Inc. will oversee the enrollment and management of the following voluntary products and services for all retirees, regardless of age.

  • Ameritas Hearing
  • Occenture ID Theft
  • Occenture Tech Support
  • PetPlus

Continuing Your Benefits As They Are

If you are happy with your current benefits, you don’t have to do anything! Your current benefits will automatically continue for the 2022 Plan Year if you do not make any changes.

Changing Your Benefits

  1. Review the current retiree benefit offerings in your 2022 Retiree Benefits Reference Guide.
  2. If you would like to make a benefit change:
    1. Contact FBMC Service Center at 1-855-569-3277 to request an enrollment form OR
    2. Download the Over 65 form or Under 65 form
  3. All forms with changes are to be postmarked by Nov. 5, 2021.
  4. If you make any changes, you must complete the enrollment form in its entirety and your preferred method of payment, ACH/FRS or direct bill. This includes all elected benefits for 2022 – even those you wish to continue. 

Your Medicare Benefits

Your Medicare benefits are administered by the Florida Schools Retiree Benefits Consortium (FSRBC). Retirees age 65+ and Medicare eligible are given the option to enroll in one of the Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plans and/or one of the Medicare Part D Pharmacy Plans through the Florida School Retiree Benefits Consortium. Please contact FSRBC for your Medicare benefit options. Visit or call 1-833-686-0983.

Your Retiree Benefits Reference Guide