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Unum Long-Term Care

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How It Works

Plan Description

Long-Term Care (LTC) plans protect your savings in the event you need long-term care for an injury, illness or disability. Plans provide a monthly benefit you select when you are in a nursing facility, an assisted living facility or receiving home health care.

Your Coverage Levels

Base Plan — Select either $1,000 or $3,000 monthly facility benefit with either a three year or six year benefit duration. The Base Plan provides the monthly benefit you select when you are in a nursing facility, or 60% of the facility benefit when you are in an assisted living facility. For Professional Home Care you receive up to 50% of the facility benefit you selected (1/30th of that amount for each day of care).

Plan Features

  • You may receive benefits after 60 consecutive days of continuous loss of functional capacity.
  • This benefit is portable — If you leave the District, you may take it with you at the same group rate.
  • You are not required to pay premiums while receiving Long-Term Care benefits.

Note: You must complete a separate enrollment application to enroll in this benefit.

Optional benefits

Total Home Care — This pays you a flat 50% (per month) of the nursing facility benefit you selected for the Base Plan when you receive care at home. Care does not have to be provided by a licensed healthcare worker. Subject to the lifetime maximum, benefits may be payable up to six years.

Inflation Protection — This option helps protect your LTC benefit from the impact of inflation. Your monthly Benefit Amount will automatically increase each year on January 1 by 5% of the original Monthly Benefit, regardless of your health and whether or not you are disabled. Your remaining Lifetime Maximum Benefit Amount will also increase. Your premium will not increase as a result of these automatic increases.

Plan rates

Rates are based on your age at the time of purchase and do not increase with age. Ask your Benefits Counselor for specific rate information.

Plan provider

Unum Life Insurance Company of America underwrites this plan. For use with Policy series TQB.LTC

Long-Term Care Coverage Plans

Facility Benefit Amount $1,000 $3,000
Benefit Duration Choice 3 Years OR 6 Years 3 Years OR 6 Years
Assisted Living Facility Percent 60% 60%
Lifetime Maximum $36,000 (3 Year Plan) OR $72,000 6 Year Plan) $108,000 (3 Year Plan) OR $216,000 (6 Year Plan)
Professional Home Care 50% 50%
Total Home Care - optional 50% 50%
Inflation Protection - optional Simple Capped Simple Capped