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Flex Dollars

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How It Works

Using your Flex Dollars

  • If you add dependents to your medical plan, your $250 “Flex Dollars” are automatically used to reduce your premium cost each pay period by $12.50 (20 pay periods) or $10.42 (24 pay periods).
  • If you do not add dependents to your medical plan, the Flex Dollars will be used for other pretax benefits, including the employee portion for the DCPS Contributory medical plan, but excluding life insurance.
  • If you choose pretax benefits that total less than $250 per year, the Flex Dollars balance will be added to your payroll check. If you select benefits that total more than $250, then deductions for the remaining difference will be payroll deducted on a pretax basis.
  • If you and your spouse are employed by DCPS and cover a dependent(s) under the DCPS medical plan, one of you may give your Flex Dollars to the other to help reduce the amount of dependent medical premium. (See Dual Spouse Eligibility Section)
  • If you decide to pay for your benefits from your post-tax pay, you may not use your $250 Flex Dollars to pay for post-tax benefits.