Newly Added Dependent Verification

DCPS requires that dependents be verified as eligible for benefits coverage when you enroll them (this also applies if you remove dependents from your coverage and then re-enroll them at a future date). 

What Does this Mean for You? 

If you are a DCPS employee and you are enrolling dependents, you’ll need to provide documentation verifying their eligibility under DCPS plan rules. It’s important to understand that if you can’t produce the required documentation at your enrollment session, the dependent will not be added to your coverage. This is only for adding dependents; it is not necessary to provide documentation for dependents who are currently enrolled.

How Does Dependent Verification Work?

There are several situations in which you may enroll an eligible dependent in your benefits coverage: 

  • During your new employee enrollment; 
  • During Open Enrollment; 
  • Following a qualifying life event change. 

Note: It is your responsibility to respond to insurance companies and DCPS periodic inquiries about dependent eligibility. Failure to provide timely dependent verification information will result in loss of dependent coverage.

Dependent Verification Acceptable Documents