Delta Dental PPO Option (Indemnity)


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How It Works

The Delta Dental PPO Option Plan allows each person covered under the plan to have the freedom to visit any dentist. There may be a savings advantage to receiving care from a PPO Dentist because your out-of-pocket costs tend to be lower than visiting a non-Delta Dental dentist.

When you visit a PPO Dentist, payment is based on the PPO fee schedule. The PPO Dentist has agreed to accept this fee as the approved amount. Although you are responsible for deductibles, coinsurances and any expenses above the maximum, a PPO Dentist cannot bill you for any covered charges above the approved amount.

In addition to PPO Dentists, Delta Dental has Participating Delta Dental Premier Dentists. PPO dental providers provide the most savings. Although you are responsible for deductibles, coinsurances and any expenses above the maximum, Premier dentists have an agreement with Delta Dental not to charge you more than the approved amount. In Florida, the Delta Dental PPO is underwritten and administered by Delta Dental Insurance Company.

Lasik and Hearing Discounts

  • For more information regarding Hearing Aid discounts, contact Amplifon directly at 1-833-467-0058.
  • For more information regarding Lasik discounts, contact QualSight directly at 1-855-800-2020.

Delta Dental Plans: Rate Comparison Chart

20 PAY 24 PAY 20 PAY 24 PAY
Employee* $12.92 $10.77 $23.64 $19.70
Employee + One* $21.64 $18.03 $47.22 $39.35
Employee + Family* $31.84 $26.53 $62.32 $51.93
*Premiums may be deducted pretax or post-tax.


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Delta Dental Plan Benefit Comparison Chart

You have a Calendar Year plan and these benefits are for a Calendar Year, which is January 1st through December 31st of the current Plan Year.

  • You can locate a DeltaCare provider by calling 1-800-422-4234 or a PPO provider by calling 1-800-521-2651. You may also find a provider by using the app, or by going online at and clicking the “Find a Dentist” link on the homepage.
  • To help you maintain your oral health, Delta Dental offers enhanced benefits for pregnant women. This coverage includes an additional exam, cleaning or periodontal procedure as needed, once pregnancy is confirmed.
  • You can use the Dental Care Cost Estimator at to get an estimate on your potential procedure expenses.
  • You have access to a Member Online Portal.