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Trustmark® Accident Insurance

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How It Works

Trustmark Accident insurance can help pay for medical expenses related to non-occupational accidents that occur every day. Accident insurance pays based upon your injury and the care you receive. Benefits are paid directly to the employee, in addition to any other coverage they have.

Accidental death benefit

  • Provides a lump-sum benefit for an accidental death that occurs within 90 days of a covered accident:
  • Pays $100,000 for the insured, $50,000 for the spouse and $25,000 for a child.
  • The benefit doubles if the accidental death is due to a common carrier, as defined in your policy.

Catastrophic accident benefit

A catastrophic loss is the loss of use of sight, hearing, speech, arms or legs.

  • Helps families during the transitional period following a catastrophic loss:
    • Provides a lump-sum benefit for catastrophic loss after fulfilling a 90-day elimination period.
    • Pays $150,000 for the insured, $75,000 for the spouse and $75,000 for a child.


Trustmark(R) is a registered trademark of Trustmark Insurance Company. This is an accident only policy with limited benefits and does not pay benefits for diseases, sickness or for loss from sickness. This is not a workers’ compensation policy or a substitute for medical expense insurance, major medical insurance or a health benefit plan alternative. It is also not a Medicare Supplement policy. Limitations on pre-existing conditions may apply.  For exclusions and limitations that may apply visit Please refer to your policy for complete information.